Santorini, Greece Travel Guide

Location: Santorini, Greece

This has surprisingly been my most requested post recently, probably because every other picture on my Instagram feed is from Santorini (lol, oops). Whether it’s soon-to-be honeymooners, group of friends, or a trip with your boyfriend/husband, I hope this travel guide finds you well!! I’ll do my best to answer the questions that I’ve gotten and if I miss anything, please feel free to message me!

Side note: I love that so many people are traveling and seeing the world these days, CAN I GET AN A-MEN!

I’ve spent a good amount of time in Santorini over the years, aka my favorite place on earth, and have accumulated these tips along the way! Don’t forget to watch our Santorini vlog at the end of this post! Enjoy!

My first recommendation would be that their is no bad recommendation in Santorini, but here we go:

Where To Stay

I would suggest staying in Fira (Thira), you can still have the same gorgeous cliff side white washing building views. Fira is the town in the middle of the island, it’s just a little more private and not as hectic. Tons of restaurants and shops as well. You can take the local bus to Oia, which is where you want to be for sunset. Oia is naturally swarming with tourists constantly, which is why I advise to stay in Fira.

Pegasus Suites & Spas– this is where we stayed the last time and where a lot of the shots from our vlog below was shot! Beautiful cliff-side suites with private pools and a full breakfast each morning. Walking distance to restaurants / shops / bus stop.

What To Eat

Milos Bar Restaurant: we ate here and did the chef’s special 7 course meal and it was so unique and good!! Beautiful restaurant on cliff overlooking the water in Fira.

-Seafood!! Find a restaurant overlooking the water and enjoy some fish, octopus, etc. and if you don’t like seafood you can’t go wrong with any Greek dish. I’ve never had a bad meal in Santorini *knocks on wood* so any place you find should be yummy!

Lioyerma Lounge Cafe Pool Bar– great place for drinks and sunset views. This is kind of our little hidden secret for the sunset because it gets SO CROWED in Oia that we go to this lounge and have a perfect view of the sun setting and can order a drink and relax.. and I think most people don’t know about this.

What To Do

-Sunset in Oia: Oia is world-famous for their phenominal sunsets. YOU MUST SEE IT, it’s like the thing to do in Santorini. The picture above doesn’t even do it justice. Lioyerma Lounge Cafe Pool Bar like I mentioned above!!

-RENT ATV’s!!! This is literally the most fun thing to do on an island like Santorini. You can get around the entire island by ATV, beach hop, and still catch the sunset in Oia. I recommend this to everyone!!


  • Kamari Beach: A.K.A. black sand beach. Cute little beach town with lots of places to eat and drink.
  • Red Beach: It’s a bit of a “hike” down (just a little rocky) but beautiful red rocks everywhere and red pebble sand. Little beach with unreal views.
  • Perissa Beach: This beach is usually more of a younger crowd for the backpackers and beach party scene.
  • Akrotiri: A.K.A White Beach.

Enjoy your time in Santorini and I can’t wait until you are posting pictures for months straight too!! You really can’t go wrong in Santorini because it is all so beautiful. But again, let me know if I missed anything and you still have questions <3