Amster(DAMN), this place is awesome

Anne Frank’s diary 😱

Destination: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam is not like any other city I’ve been to before. I kind of got a gloomy/chill vibe from this city but I absolutely loved my time there. It’s such a cool city to experience and I definitely recommend checking it out! The entire city is made up of canals that run through the streets… 165 canals to be exact! It is the bicycle capital of the world so you’ll see THOUSANDS of bikes everywhere, which was super cool. The canals and the biking was probably my favorite part about this city 😍.

*Sidenote: Marijuana is legal and Amsterdam is very “green” friendly, so if you see any “coffee” shops with the signs half green/half white (like pictured above) don’t expect to be ordering a Venti Pumpkin Spice Latte there haha.


  • Bicycling – rent bikes and bike around the city! It’s really the best way to experience Amsterdam and everyone does it!
  • Anne Frank House – the house where Anne Frank and her family hid from the Nazi’s and she wrote her famous diary. Even if you aren’t a huge history fan this is super cool to walk through and see.
  • Van Gogh Museum – world’s largest collection of Van Gogh’s paintings.
  • Heineken Experience – tour through the brewery with a tasting room.
  • Amsterdam Canal Cruise – a fun way to cruise the canals and see the city.
  • Red Light District – area/ tourist attraction of legal prostitution, strip clubs, etc.   ps. *don’t try and take a picture on this street like I did because you will be yelled at haha. I learned the hard way! Photos anywhere in this area are forbidden.
  • I Amsterdam Sign – go get your picture taken in front of it!
  • Jordaan – most famous neighborhood in the Netherlands: hiking, walking, & shopping.
  • Dam Square – popular public square
  • Amsterdam Cheese Museum – for all you cheese lovers!


  • Bob’s Youth Hostel – this is where we stayed but it’s definitely not a luxurious stay. Everyone is young and it’s fun but we stayed in a coed room with 16 beds. It was super cheap, around 10 euro a night, and they do fun things like bar crawls etc. Also right in the city center and walkable to everything which was a plus. Once again, cheap but not luxurious by any means.


  • Macaroons – I cannot remember the name of the place where we got macaroons but I do remember Amsterdam having the best macaroons I’ve ever had in my life (sorry Paris)
  • Cheese from De Kaaskamer van Amsterdam
  • Amsterdam also has a bunch of cute little trendy cafe’s that you can’t really go wrong with!
  • Stroopwafels from streetvendors
  • Eggs Benedict at The Lobby


  • The cheapest way to get to Amsterdam for me was flying into the Eindhoven Airport, just south of Amsterdam. From there we took a Terravision bus from Eindhoven Airport to Amsterdam City Center (about an hour and a half bus ride). This saved us tons of money.
  • While in Amsterdam, we rented bikes and/or walked everywhere so no public transportation was needed.

When I was in the Netherlands, my friends and I really wanted pancakes so we looked everywhere for a pancake house. We were so excited when we found one until we ordered and our food came it was literally a tortilla on a plate that they called “pancakes”. We paid like 13 euro for a plain tortilla on a plate lol. I don’t know if all pancake places in Amsterdam are like this but needless to say, make sure you satisfy your pancake craving BEFORE you go to Amsterdam haha.

I was asked by a few people to do a post on Amsterdam so I know some of you are going soon.. so ENJOY YOUR TIME IN AMSTERDAM!! And I’d love to hear all about it ❤️ Safe travels!



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