Bahama Mama!

Leap of Faith was a 6o ft drop into a shark-filled lagoon! So fun! Say hi to Meanus! They said they named him that because he was the meanest one but LOOK AT THAT FACE!This is the “foot push” I talk more about!

Destination: Nassau, Paradise Islands Bahamas

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Okay, I totally get why they call it PARADISE island now! HOW BEAUTIFUL IS THIS PLACE?! I’ve always wanted to do a destination Christmas and go somewhere tropical and this was our year! My family kind of “Christmas with the Kranks” it this year (if you get that reference ily). We stayed at the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island… this place is HUGE! It’s literally like it’s own town and you really don’t ever have to leave because it has everything you need, but I advise that you do and explore outside Atlantis! We stayed at the Royal Towers which are the main center towers.


  • Bimini Road- in the Marina. Yummy casual dining with live music and a fun Bahamian atmosphere! Definitely try the Grand Bahama Conch Chowder, that’s what they’re known for.
  • Nobu- one of my favorite sushi restaurants ever! We had Christmas dinner here 🙂
  • Margaritaville- it’s not actually on the resort grounds but if you walk out the marina and cross the street it’s right next door.
  • Carmine’s- literally one of the best meals I’ve ever had!!! I was in heaven. Everything is family style so we ordered two dishes and split between 4 people and still have leftovers.
  • Poseidon’s Table- come hungry because it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet with lots of different cuisines!
  • The Village Burger Shack- MILKSHAKES… nuff said.
  • Plato’s Cafe- not the best food TBH but it’s convenient and quick.
  • Starbucks- three in the resort: at the marina, the waterpark, and in the Reef tower
  • Ben & Jerry’s- I WAS SO HAPPY!! Find it at the marina.


  • Atlantis Beach- main beach, make sure to get a coconut! But don’t eat the skin, which should be common sense, but my brother ate it and got really sick from it.
  • Cove Beach- this one is more hidden and quiet. It’s over by Cove Tower.
  • Dolphin Cay- if you’ve never swam with dolphins this is a MUST DO. It’s about 30 min and you get to swim, kiss, and foot push with the dolphins. The foot push is exactly what it sounds like, you’re on a board and a dolphin pushes you by your foot across the whole water… and they’re actually surprisingly fast!
  • Casino- I’m great at blackjack jk… only if I’m feelin’ lucky haha
  • Water Park- tons of water slides, a mile long lazy river, and a bunch of different pools.
  • Downtown Nassau- the resort is wonderful but also go explore downtown and see what Nassau is really like! They have ferries that take you across the water to downtown for $4 a person or you can walk the bridge. Lots of shopping and restaurants on Bay Street.
  • Pig Island- I didn’t have enough time to do this, but you can day trip on a boat or plane to Exuma, where you can swim and play with the wild pigs at Pig Beach!


  • Dragon’s Lounge- cocktails + dancing
  • Aura Nightclub- cover fee for guys
  • Moon Club- on the main casino floor

*Fun fact: I actually got to DJ one night in the Bahamas… it was LIT… just saying. Currently taking DJ name suggestions.

Some of my biggest advice is to go to the grocery store in Paradise Shopping Village right outside the resort grounds and get snacks you can take to the beach and a case or two of water because each bottle in the resort is around $8-10. And don’t forget about your drink coupons at check-in!

The Bahamas was one of my favorite places I’ve been to so far.. not only for the beautiful weather and the amazing beaches but because the Bahamian people are so friendly. I mean really, they are AWESOME. I was hoping to pick up the Jamaican accent while I was there but sadly that didn’t happen haha. Hope you guys enjoyed and visit soon! And don’t forget while you’re there.. you’re on Island time mon 😎

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