Bel-(yum) Waffles in Brussels

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Location: Brussels, Belgium

Besides having the best waffles I’ve ever had in my life, this place is insanely gorgeous! I flew Ryanair Airlines into the Charleroi Airport *this is not actually in the city center*. You will have to take a bus, around 17 euros each way, that will take you to the city center. I still found this to be dramatically cheaper to fly into this airport than the main Brussels airport.

Many sites to check out in Belgium that will be worth the walk:

The Grand Palace – this is the city center and I literally spent half my time in Belgium here, it’s beautiful and I could just people watch here forever. Grab lunch to-go and eat it in the square.

Manneken Pis– yes, exactly what it sounds like haha, a statue of a little boy peeing. interesting, know.. but very famous so you should see it, take a pic and move on.

Le Comptoir De Mathilde– the BEST hot chocolate I have ever had in my life, and I have had a lot let me tell you. Any flavor you can imagine, you choose your chocolate flavor chunck on a stick, they stir it in with hot milk and BOOM the best hot coco you’ll ever have. (I got the white chocolate hot chocolate)

Rue Neuve– best shopping I found in Brussels, I think I spent half a day here getting lost in the stores.

I stayed at Generation Youth Hostel on the other side of the river, walking distance from everything, very clean, and free wifi in the lobby! (yes, I know exciting right!)

*and for people without an international phone plan.. the Mcdonald’s down the main street from The Grand Palace has fast free wifi if you need it while you’re out and about and don’t want to go back to your hostel.

But can we get back to the waffles… I mean look at them! 😍👅  My mouth is watering just thinking about them and sometimes I still dream about them! (literally haha) That was 95% of my diet the entire time I was in Belgium and I’m not ashamed one bit.

Let me know if you guys visit and if you have more time than I did visit Bruges, Belgium (hop on the train about 1 hour about 20 euro each way) ! xo


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