I Give This Place Cinque (Terre) Stars

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Destination: Cinque Terre, Italy

Okay no, I won’t stop with the cheesy puns and YES, this place looks exactly like the pictures!! When I was younger I always dreamed of going to Italy and Cinque Terre is exactly what I pictured when I pictured ITALY. Little colorful houses right on the water, tiny Italian villages, harbors filled with fishing boats, trattorias on every corner, and the best pesto in the world!!! I’ve been to Cinque Terre twice now so I wanted to share with you guys my ‘Cinque Terre Travel Guide’:


-Cinque Terre (five lands) is made up of five little seaside villages: Monterosso, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola, and Riomaggiore. They are all right next to each other and you can definitely visit all five in the same day, but you need the tram to get in between each town. You can buy an all day pass for cheap which I recommend doing. There is only one train that goes between all the Cinque Terre towns so it is easy to find.

-If you are coming from another surrounding city I found it easiest and cheapest to take the Trenitalia train to La Spezia. La Spezia is just outside Cinque Terre. From La Spezia you can take the tram I told you guys about to get from each Cinque Terre village to the next.


-Bring your hiking shoes because Cinque Terre has some of the most beautiful coastline hikes in the world! These views will literally blow your mind!! You can hike from one town to the next… then use the tram to get to the rest of the towns. The hardest hike is Monterosso to Vernazza (I did not do this one).

-Monterosso has the best beach, in my opinion. It’s the last town out of the five. After you hike, get lunch and enjoy your time on the beach in Monterosso. This is where the photo of me on the huge rock in the ocean was taken!

-Get lost in the colorful Italian alleys! I found the cutest little pesto shop while I was wandering around and the owners were some of the nicest people I ever met. I wish I remembered the name of the shop but they let me try everything and showed me the whole process of how they make their pesto!


Ristorante Miky – located in Monterosso. If you like seafood.. must try! Also the La Cantina di Miky’s house-made riccioli pasta with pesto is to die for.

Osteria a Cantina de Mananan – located in Corniglia. You may need a reservation so definitely check before you climb the 300 stairs to get there. But definitely worth it the thigh burn.

Bar Colpi di Timone – located in Monterosso. A beach bar that serves buckets! When you get off the train go down the stairs and take a left, it’s the third place. It’s always crowded and you cannot miss it. Get a bucket and go down to the beach! Sip and enjoy the view!

Things to try in Cinque Terre: Pesto, seafood dishes, calamari and limoncello.


It’s way cheaper to stay in La Spezia. I found a hotel for about $40 for 2 nights but Cinque Terre is also good for an all day trip if you are coming from somewhere close like Florence.

Hope my ‘Cinque Terre Travel Guide’ helps you guys on your next visit to Cinque Terre! Let me know if you guys have any more questions on Cinque Terre! xo


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