Coachella Survival Guide

So it’s officially Coachella season baby! Last year was my first year at this 3 day long festival extravaganza… and I totally get the hype. Coachella is such a fun experience that I think everyone should do (at least once).. the food, the music, the people. Everyone is in the ‘Coachella Spirit’. ~Good Vibes~ amiright?! It’s just such a happy time to be frolicking around the desert. Last year I went into it kinda blindly so I wanted to put together a ‘Coachella Survival Guide’ in case you’re a new timer, or even if you are a native and could use a checklist.  Here’s what I found helpful:

  1. DRINK WATER, DRINK WATER, DRINK WATER!! I mean this sounds pretty obvious because you’re in the desert in 100+ degree weather all day but honestly, it’s easy to forget and not stay hydrated. I saw so many people in the medical tent from dehydration last year so don’t let that be you!
  2. Bandana / Inhaler / Claritin: like I said, you’re in the desert, desert = dust. It’s super dusty out there so you are going to want something to cover your face and an inhaler (if you use one) to clear your lungs. If it gets really bad they have medical tents around for treatment. (This is where I went wrong last year).
  3. Snacks: do a Costco run before you head off to Indio, CA. You’re going to want to have drinks/snacks at your car that you can munch on throughout the weekend.
  4. Sunscreen: because being sunburnt at Coachella would suck.

5. Vanity Mirror: if you are car camping this is a life savor (especially for you ladies). This will make getting ready each day 100000x easier.

6. Baby Wipes: It’s so dusty out there that you’re going to want to have these to clean off your hands, legs, etc.

7. Comfortable Shoes: this sounds obvious but make sure you wear something you can walk and stand in for 12+ hours. Also there are thousands and thousands of people, keep in mind, so you will get stepped on.

8. Money: bring more cash then you think you’ll need! From what I remember last year, a lot of the food places accept Apple Pay as well.

9. Phone Battery Pack: if you’re a big Instagrammer/social media person like I am, you’re going to want to bring a rechargeable battery so your phone isn’t dead 24/7.

10. Eat Well! It’s easy to forget to eat at Coachella because you are so busy but there is SO MUCH YUMMY FOOD! Coachella brings in over 100 vendors serving all different types of food. Check out some of their food this year here.

11. Toilet paper:  lets be honest, porter potty’s are disgusting, and usually out of toilet paper. Especially if you are car camping this is a must.

12. Vitamins: bring Vitamin C or whatever else you may need. It’s a long weekend of a lot of drinking, (or whatever you kids do these days), so make sure you give you body some TLC.

13. Blankets / Warm Clothes: even though it’s 100+ degrees during the day it drops at night so bring a sweatshirt or blanket to stay warm.

14. YOU DON’T NEED TO BE FRONT ROW! Don’t be that person that tries to push to the front of every set. You don’t need to be front row to hear the music (trust me it’s loud af). It’s actually more fun to be in the middle of the crowd anyway.

15. Chapstick: I’m the kind of person that can’t live without Chapstick, but you especially need it this weekend.

16. Tissues: again, it’s dusty.

17. Walkie Talkies: honestly you’ll probably LOL but walkie talkies are such a good idea with your friends because there is like 0 service with all those people.

18. Take Monday off: there is no way you are going into work Monday so just make sure you take it off.

19. No Glass: when we pulled into car camping last year they strip searched our whole car for glass bottles. Glass isn’t allowed into the camp grounds and I assume the whole festival in general.

20. Drive In with Friends: for car camping, the way you are lined up to come in is the way you are going to park. So the people who are beside you in the lines will be your neighbors for the weekend.

21. Spray Bottle: it’s v hot, you’ll be glad you did.

22. Cooler: to keep at your campsite for food/drinks.

23. Jumper Cables + Gas Can: if camping this is very important. Usually when you get ready in your car people will turn on their car for music/AC/whatever and so many people’s car batteries die by the end of the weekend because of it.

24. If Buying a Ticket Off a Rando: make sure you register your bracelet online right in front of them before you give them the money for it. Lots of scammers out there.

25. Buy Souvenirs Early: a lot of the shops sell out so if you see something you like, snag it.

26. Jump Around Stages: Coachella can be overwhelming because there is so much going on at once, but that’s the cool part! Hop around to different stages and check out all the tents. Don’t just stay at the same stage all day.

27. Sunglasses: are a must in my opinion. Plus they make the outfit 💁🏼

28. Expect Lines: EVERYWHERE.

29. Meeting Spot: have a meeting spot with your friends so you all don’t lose each other. Again, cell service is bad.

30. No Digital Camera: don’t bring your nice camera to Coachella. It’ll more than likely get ruined or lost. Just stick with your phone.

31. Silent Disco: go to the Silent Disco that goes on way after all the sets are finished. It’s open all night long!

32. Text Message: if your texts aren’t sending, hold down the message and send it as a text message instead of an iMessage. Will send much quicker.

33. Hand Sanitizer: all I can say is please bring this haha.

34. Fanny Pack / Backpack / Cross Body Purse: all these will be easy and will work for your stuff. If you can go without either then just go free. The less stuff you have the better. Also beware of pickpocketing.

35. Car Finder App: it’s smart to get this app so you can remember where you parked everyday and find your car easily.


36. Find My Friends: turn on Find My Friends with your whole group.

37. TAKE PHOTOS: don’t forget to take photos!!!! They are memories!!!

38. Make Friends: everyone is just trying to have a good time. Make friends, enjoy your time.

39. Pregame: drinks inside and at the Heineken tent can get pricey.

40. H A V E  F U N !!!!!!!! sounds cheesy but really, Coachella is such a fun festival so just enjoy your time there!!

Oh and ‘Post Coachella Depression’ is REAL, exhibit A… this photo ^ haha. The week after you get back be prepared to just be wishing you were back at Coachella the whole time. Oh and apparently the only pose I knew at Coachella last year was the peace sign hahahaha ✌🏼 but yeah enjoy every second of the weekend!!! Stay safe, xoxo Neena


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