My Color Blonde- Step by Step

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Color: @hairbyamandamay  /  Epic Salon Chandler, AZ

Many people have asked me about my color so I did a step by step with my hairstylist, Amanda May, of how I get to my exact color blonde. As far as the color number and technicals those you can find in my previous post here.

I never do a full highlight every time I get my hair done because that would be to damaging but probably every 2-3 times. I like to keep some of my natural in there too. I usually only get my hair colored once every few months because I don’t mind the look of root growth. So first we do the foils, this time I did foils all over, then we let sit under the heat lamp. After the color has processed and we have washed it out we put a toner on it in the sink to give it more of a white blonde tone to it because my hair was looking a little yellowy. After my hair is blown out it was curled using Babyliss Curling Iron. Let me know if you have any other questions and follow @hairbyamandamay on Instagram for more looks!

Thank you @hairbyamandamay !!


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