Feelin’ 22

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Black tank: Saks Fifth Avenue  /  Jean shorts: Brandy Melville (link is similar shorts)  /  Booties: Vagabond (similar here) /  Flannel: H&M

My birthday weekend is now coming to a close and after really yummy Italian food, spending time with family & friends, and going to DISNEYLAND I can’t complain. When I was little I used to think 22 was so OLD! Now I realize (aside from the occasional grandma jokes) that 22 is SO YOUNG! I used to think that I’d have everything figured out by time I was 22 (lets all take a moment to laugh together LOL) but I also realized that it’s not about figuring everything out right here and now but letting life take you where you’re supposed to be. Everyone has their own little path to skip down. So enjoy life, have fun and don’t waste your time stressing out about it. People always tell me I have the best life or ask me how things seem to just work out for me but it’s not that my life is so perfect because believe me it’s not! But I believe it’s the way you face day to day life and your feelings while you go through it. Even when I’m sitting in traffic, which can be super annoying (trust me I know I live in LA), but I turn on my music and sing and be happy and make the best out of every situation without getting annoyed. I’m going to be sitting in that traffic regardless so might as well enjoy it! Sounds silly but this is what I really aim to practice and apply it to every situation in my life.

As a kid I felt like my life was flying by so fast and now that I’m older it feels like it’s flying by even faster (CAN SOMEONE PRESS PAUSE PLEASE!!) But one thing I’ve really learned is to enjoy exactly where I am in every given moment. Whether it’s a high point or a not so high point, enjoy and be present because it’s not going to last forever. Looking back, the bad times don’t seem so bad after all and we all seem to get through them one way or another. People never seem to be happy with where they are in their life.. have you ever noticed that? But if you can truly enjoy every stage as you are going through it, you will be immensely happier in your own life.

So many people get upset about turning another year older. They are upset about turning 22 because they are no longer 21, or upset about turning 30 because they are no longer in their 20’s, or upset that they are now turning 50, etc. Well I always say: “If you aren’t getting another year older than you’re 6 feet under”. SO ENJOY EVERY AGE YOU’RE AT!

Okay enough with my rant!! But how cute are these booties from Vagabond Shoemakers!!! I just got them and I’m so in love with them. They’re so comfy and go with literally anything. Here I just threw on jean shorts and a short black tank with a flannel from H&M around my waist and BOOM #ootd. I knew I wanted a pair of everyday chunky black booties but I was so indecisive with which style I wanted and how much I wanted to spend. Vagabond is a Swedish shoe manufacturer company and I’m super happy with their quality in boots. I can’t wait to wear these booties like everyday haha.

I hope you can take away at least one thing from this post that has helped me become a happier person over the years. Thank you again to everyone for all the love and birthday wishes 💕💕 Literally made my day, you guys are the best! Cheers to 22 years young! ❤️ Have a happy week xoxo


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