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Florence Travel Guide

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Neena Marie of Capital Blonde in Florence

Destination: Florence, Italy

Ever just pack up and move to a different country with no idea when you will be back? Yeah I never thought I would either… Until I packed two oversized suitcases and got on a plane to Italy with no return date 😳.  I stepped off the plane for the first time only knowing the word “Ciao!” and what I’ve seen from The Lizzie McGuire Movie lol but it only took me about 1 hour to fall in love with this city that I soon became so lucky to call home ❀. I lived in Florence for nearly 6 months in an apartment in the city center having the full local experience with living with a host family. And now, I want to share these experiences with you through this Florence Travel Guide!

I wanted to COMPLETELY immerse myself in the Italian culture and do my best to become ‘a local’. Along my journey, I met some of the best most influential people while having experiences I could have ever imagined. With Florence being such a popular travel spot and me being asked so often on recommendations here are some I found during my time living abroad!


  • Osteria Proconsolo
  • My host mom kitchen (haha jk but really she was the BEST)
  • Osteria San Spirito
  • Oil Shoppe (yummy sandwiches! 😀)
  • Dante’s on the south side of the river
  • Gusta Pizza (entire pizza only 5 euros)


  • Gelateria Del Neri
  • La Carraria
  • Vestri Chocolate Bar (not gelato but best chocolatĂ© ever)


  • Hike (lose term more of a uphill walk) up to Piazza Michelangelo which is a gorgeous view of the whole city… I recommend at sunset! Also, grab a bottle of wine, cheese and baguettes at Conad before! (their version of Safeway basically haha)
  • See the Statue of David in the Galleria
  • Climb the Duomo (it’s 10 euro and a lot of stairs but soooo worth it!)
  • Piazza Republica and ride the Merry-Go-Round (also great shopping around here)
  • Piazza Sangoria
  • Uffitsi Gallery
  • Leather Market by Mercato Centrali (which has a really good restaurant my pizza picture was taken at!) ps. remember BARGAIN BARGAIN BARGAIN!!! I got a 85 euro leather backpack for 20 euro
  • Canoe down the Arno River
  • Also don’t be afraid to leave the city center! Rent a bike or go for a run and just get lost.. that how I found some of my coolest spots!

I’ll have to stop now because I could talk about Florence for hours haha. Let me know if you guys visit Florence because I literally have so much love for this city! If you try any of these places/things or others let me know also I’d love to hear about it! xo


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