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Girls nights are the best! We sit there and talk about anything and everything, and after a few glasses of wine and in honor of Valentine’s Day, we started talking about all of our past dating fails. We were crying laughing from the stories. So naturally I wanted to share with all of you, because let’s be real.. we all have those stories 😂  Here are some of our real life dating stories that we could either cry or laugh about I’m not sure which haha


“I went on a first date with a guy at 2pm that I met off Tinder and he was ripping tequila shots and was so drunk before I even got there.”


“My date never told me he had an 8 year old kid and only talked about this ex girlfriend the ENTIRE time.”


“He picked me up from my house and on the way to dinner his car broke down and he looked at me and told me to get out and ‘PUSH’….”


“I told my date a joke and they laughed so hard that they full on peed themselves in the front seat of my car on my brand new sheepskin seat covers. RIP sheepskin seat cover, I hardly knew you </3”


“Every time my date would laugh he would literally spit chunks of food on my face.”


“I reached across to grab something and the fur from the sleeve of my jacket caught on fire from the candle in the middle of the table.”


“My date talked about poop the entire time.”


“My date left like 8 times in the middle of dinner to go out and smoke and left me at the table alone most of dinner.”


“My date literally said 5 words in total over the entire date. “Hi” and “Thanks I had fun”. But then blew up my phone over the next week.”


“I was in the car making out with my date when the whole car lit up by a helicopter spotlight. The car was immediately surrounded by police with guns drawn. Turns out there was a missing child in the area and they thought the car matched the description of the abductor’s vehicle. The cops realized the mistake and left but it killed the mood to say the least.”


“My dates ex girlfriend showed up to the date and tried to fight me.”


“My date kept talking about girls the whole time and was referring to them all as 10’s…. “look at that 10 over there”, “I was at a bar once and this 10 came up to me..” etc.”


Reason for not hearing from my date after our date: “Sorry I totally forgot to text you I was busy doing my taxes.”


Date:  *gets up and leaves in the middle of the date*    *never to be seen again*

Face Mask: LUSH Cosmetics  /  Love Lettuce (my fav), BB Seaweed, Oatifix

What’s a girls night without face masks?! I love the Fresh Face Mask collection from Lush Cosmetics.  They are all made with fruit, vegetables, butters, clays, and essential oils. It leaves your skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom! Each mask is for different skin types. They are all around $10 but last for several uses if refrigerated. The Love Lettuce is my favorite with the featured ingredient of Fullers Earth.

Cheers to all our failed dating attempts and knowing that you aren’t the only one! It REALLY makes you appreciate the good ones when you find them. And in reality, the bad ones just make for good stories. If you have failed dating stories that are just too good to pass up, please comment and share them so we can all LOL together ❤️  whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s day, with a loved one, with your mom, your dog, your bottle of wine…. have a Happy Happy Valentine’s Day to all! xo


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  1. hungryinhungary

    My friend and I were going on tinder double dates in Budapest. We both matched and messaged the same guy. My friend set up a date with him and he brought his friend along for me but when they showed up to meet us we could tell he was so confused amd didnt know which of us he was on a date with. The entire night we kept switching “dates” until we totally ditched them and ran across a bridge from buda to pest to get away… 😱


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