Mango Juice Cleanse

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Blender: Osterizer 10-speed  /  Glasses: Amazon

First off, let me just say I am the last person you will find “dieting” because I just love food way too much!! Don’t get me wrong, I definitely eat as healthy as I can, but I like sweets way too much to be on a “diet”. I do the Mango Juice Cleanse when I feel like I’ve been eating really poorly or if I want to feel/look good before a trip or an event. I usually do this about 2 times a year. This is the only juice cleanse I will ever do (it’s more of a thick shake actually) because I believe that a normal juice cleanse is extremely unhealthy for your body. Before you freak out about having to drink only mango shakes for a few days let me just say… You will feel full and you will have the energy to workout and go about your daily routine.

Ingredients (no substitutions):

-“Naked” Mango Juice

-Enfamil Baby Formula (the yellow one)

-Habanero Peppers


-Pour Naked Mango Juice into blender (however much you’re going to drink). *Hint: make a lot at once and “meal prep”.

-Depending how much mango juice you have, put about 2 scoops of formula per 16 oz. of juice. Blend to liquify.

-Add 1 full habanero pepper into blender. Blend extremely well (no chucks ew!!) Seeds are the spiciest, if you can’t take the level of spicy, take a few seeds out, but the spicier the better. Feel the burn!!

Drink 3-4 shakes per day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Each shake should be a full large glass.

How it works: Like I said, you will feel full. Naked Mango Juice is thick and filling. We are adding the formula to the shakes which is giving you all of your nutrients and vitamins you need throughout each day.  Think about it, formula is what you give newborn babies when they are at their prime growing stages and need the most vitamins so you know it’s extremely good for the body. The intense heat and the capsaicin from the habanero peppers helps fight obesity, lower cholesterol, and lower blood sugar. They have a high concentration of vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber. When you do start eating food again you will not gain the weight right back because WE ARE NOT STARVING OURSELVES!! We are drinking enough calories throughout each day that our body needs. And the goal is to cleanse & flush your system, losing weight is just the perk. If you are a guy and you are not wanting to lose weight, up the shake size.


How long do I cleanse for? I usually cleanse for about 4-5 full days. Sounds gross… but the moment orange is the only thing coming in and out of your body, you’re cleanse is done!

Can I drink coffee? No coffee! If I can do it you can do it. Water only 🙂

Is it normal to burn? Yes! My stomach and my throat usually burn. It burns in different places for different people, that’s the cool part about these shakes is it burns where it needs to.

If you have finished the cleanse.. CONGRATULATIONS I AM SO SO PROUD OF YOU!! REALLY I AM!! I know how tough it can be but so much more rewarding in the end. The results are awesome. Send me snapchats (@neena.marie) for encouragement along the way! xo




Cleanse Dairy:

Day1: Super pumped about cleansing and feeling healthy plus losing a few pounds is always nice too.

Day2: I don’t really want a spicy mango shake at 9am in the morning for breakfast but I will anyway because no cheating I keep telling myself. I had a larger portion size lunch shake because I felt hungrier today.

Day3: The hardest day of them allllllll. All I want is a burger and french fries and chicken fingers and tacos BUT stay on the cleanse I promise you’ll be rewarded by day 4 if not sooner. I’m already seeing results, I literally woke up with more defined abs today. Happy Hump Day!

Day4: Kind of getting used to the spicy mango taste. Day four seems easier than day three. I feel so great. I’m realizing that meal prepping the night before for the next day is the easiest. I drink my breakfast shake in the morning, bring my lunch shake to work and leave my dinner shake in the fridge for when I get home.

Day5: (If needed) Keep going and just think about what yummy breakfast you’re going to have the next morning! Or maybe don’t think about that! haha whatever helps you.




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