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Lip Color: Blu-Red ย / ย LipSense by:ย @lips_by_liz

Every girls dream just came true!!! This lipstick doesn’t wipe off, kiss off, smear off, smudge off, rub off, or budge off! It’s like nail polish for your lips… I mean really… you actually need a remover to remove it. The three tubes I’m holding are the Long Lasting Liquid Lip Color, the Moisturizing Gloss, and the Ooops! Remover. There are also like a million colors to choose from, okay maybe not a million but there’s at least 50 different really pretty shades of LipSenseย to choose from.

You can apply as many layers as you want withย LipSense color depending on how dark you want it. I did a few layers here in the Blu-Red. Also a little tip: Any red lipstick with a shade of blue in it makes your teeth look EXTRA white. Blu-Red is my favorite red. You may also feel a little burn/tingle when you apply.. that’s normal! Gloss is optional but I usually always use it. I’ve tried other “long-lasting” lipsticks before and I’ve never found one that legitimately doesn’tย come off no matter how much you rub it (unless you use theOoops! Remover of course). It’s actually really nice not having to re-apply lip color throughout the day or worry about it smudging off after eating or drinking or worse yet… your lipstick getting on your teeth!

ATTENTION BOYFRIENDS EVERYWHERE ! ! ! Boyfriend’s are loving this because it means no more wearing your girlfriend’s lipstick after kisses and no more lipstick on your shirts. Win/win for everyone!

So go ahead andย kiss your boyfriend, kiss your friend, kiss your dog, kiss your mom, kiss your neighbor… it doesn’t matter because your color isn’t comin’ off anywhere.ย You can order the full set atย @lips_by_lizย on Instagram.

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