Madison, Wisconsin

Destination: Madison, Wisconsin

PSA: Wisconsin is actually really pretty when it’s not -30 degrees!! haha kidding but really Madison is so surprisingly gorgeous in the spring / summer time. I’ve been to Madison once before for a couple days about 2 1/2 years ago but it was November and I froze my butt off! If you’re visiting definitely go in the warmer months. But lets be real… the food is the best part and Madison has some really yummy finds!

This trip I flew out for Niko’s last formal. We drove to Milwaukee and had formal on a boat on Lake Michigan. I stayed for about a week after in Madison and Niko showed me all the best spots. He’s lived there for 4 years so he knows all da best spotsss. Here’s everything he showed me:


  • Red Sushi: some of the best / most unique sushi rolls I’ve ever had. It was SOO good.
  • Food Trucks: in the main part of University of Madison campus there are a lot of really good food trucks. Buns & Hibachi Hut are some of our favs.
  • Forage Kitchen: fast & healthy salad bar. You can pretty much get anything you want. They also have acai bowls.
  • Old Fashioned: voted best cheese curds in Wisconsin.
  • Collectivo: super cute and trendy coffee shop and yummy little snacks.
  • The Daily Scoop: Babcock Dairy Ice Cream. Made fresh from local cows.
  • Bassett Street Brunch Club: brunch & mimosas


  • Picnic Point: walk down the lakeshore path to the end of the peninsula where you’ll find Picnic Point and some really pretty Madison lake views.
  • Wisconsin State Capitol Building: go inside and check it out
  • Camp Randall Badger Stadium: UW Madison football stadium
  • Paul’s Bookstore: super cute vintage feeling bookstore (pictured)
  • Campus Botanical Gardens: so so pretty in the spring! 😍
  • Pedal Pub: get a group and pedal your way down State Street for a bar crawl. We used Trolley Pub Madison Co.
  • Chazen Museum of Art: art museum on UW-Mad campus.


  • Kollege Klub: the ‘KK’ is the most popular spot for UW-Madison students. Super fun busy bar.
  • Red Rock Saloon: go ride the mechanical bull!
  • Chasers: popular outdoor day time spot when it’s nice out!
  • Wando’s: go for fishbowls.
  • Vintage: fun bar with games / darts
  • Cask & Ale: more than 150 whiskeys / bourbons & more than 100 beers on tap. Unique mixed drinks.

I literally ate my way through Madison and I’m not complaining one bit haha. The food in Madison is just amazing. I mean CHEESE CURDS HELLOO! I’m convinced Niko is trying to make me fat haha. Well I’m writing this post from an airport in Mexico because Niko and I flew from Madison to Cabo to meet up with a group of friends for the weekend. So adios for now amigos! xo

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