12 Must-Do’s in Maryland

Destination: Maryland, USA

I know what you’re thinking…. Maryland?? The first time I was on a plane to Maryland I actually had to Google a picture of a U.S. map to see exactly where it was (don’t judge haha). I never really thought about going to Maryland.. unless it was Baltimore. But since my boyfriend and his family are out there I’ve been there a few times now! This last time I spent about a week there and Niko showed me all around and let me tell you… MARYLAND IS GORGEOUS!! I like Maryland so much more than I ever thought I would. You have everything from city to country to beach, and surprisingly it doesn’t get brutally cold here… I’m picturing Chicago winters when I say “brutal” btw… and that says a lot because us Arizonians think anything is brutal lol.

Here are the highlight’s of our trip and 12 ‘must-do’s’ I put together that I would recommend for your trip out east!

Lets start with the food… because isn’t half of traveling all about the food?! Or is that just me..

  1. Harris Crab House– Maryland is known for it’s crabs, so this is a must when visiting. Harris’ is more of a local place, not as touristy as some of the other popular ones. SUCH GOOD CRAB if you like seafood. We got the jumbo crabs and an order of oysters. Get ready to get messy!

2. Assateague Island- A WHOLE ISLAND WITH BEACHES AND 92 WILD PONIES??! YES PLZZZ! I never thought a place like this even existed!

3. Annapolis- MUST MUST GO! The cutest little waterfront town, I absolutely loved it 😍. It’s the capital of Maryland with so much history between these streets.

-Pusser’s Caribbean Grille– fun places for drinks right on the water! People roll up right from their boats which is pretty cool.

-Chart House Restaurant– upscale seafood restaurant with locally caught fish with beautiful views overlooking the water. We went at sunset and it was perfect!!

-The Naval Academy is also really cool to check out while you’re here!

4. Smith Island- an island on the Chesapeake Bay that was on our list to go to but we ran out of time and didn’t make it there…. but we did get SMITH ISLAND CAKE so that’s all that matters!!! *Maryland’s state dessert*

FYI: Niko’s been to Smith Island and said it’s totally worth going!

5. The Country Side- it actually really surprised me that Maryland had a ‘country’ side, even though before going I didn’t know much about Maryland at all. But I think one of my favorite parts about Maryland is the farms, red barns, all the animals and the acres and acres of open fields. It’s all so green and beautiful out there.

Ps. we named these guys Carl & Stan! 😊

6. Red Eye’s Dock Bar– such a fun hangout right on the water in Grasonville, MD with a stage with live music and performances. Fun for day or night. Worth the drive alone to spend the evening here!

7. Chesapeake Bay Bridge- this bridge is on a lot of people’s bucket lists, kinda like the Golden Gate or the Brooklyn Bridge. It connects Maryland’s eastern and western shores. It was the world’s longest continuous over-water steel structure… it’s almost 5 miles long! Crazytown.


8. Ocean City, Maryland- cute beach town that reminds me a lot of Santa Monica, CA! Also, close to the ponies at Assateague Island so you can hit both in the same day!

9. Boardwalk/Carnival- miles of beaches, fun boardwalk, and carnival rides on the pier…. yes we rode the rides hehe.

-Blue Fish Sushi– yummy sushi for date night!

-Nightlife: Seacrets Jamaica, Fishtales, boardwalk bars, Guidos Burritos (huge margaritas).

Actual candid photo ^^ S/O to Vas

10. Hersheypark Theme Park– okay, this isn’t in Maryland but it is nearby in Pennsylvania so I still wanted to add it. I’m a huge rollercoaster fan and I honestly liked it better than Six Flags! It’s clean, fun rides, and heeellllllloooooo CHOCOLATE!!!!!

11. Bengie’s Drive-In Theatre– this drive-in actually has the biggest theater screen in the USA, which is pretty cool. It’s so old and retro inside, it’s adorable we loved it! Also, when you go you pay for the day and they usually show 2 movies, so go early so you can stay and see both movies!

12. Baltimore- and of course, Baltimore.

Ouzo Bay– if you’re feelin’ Greek food go to Ouzo Bay for some yummy food and fun atmosphere!

Until next time 😘 Xoxo, Neena


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