Midori Bikinis

Bikini: MIDORI BIKINIS  /  Location: Santa Monica, California  /  Photos by: @garrettshotts

Hello friends!! Yes, this is what December in California looks like 😍 I’m definitely not a cold weather kinda gal so I take advantage of the beach as long as I can… which means about half my wardrobe is swimsuits (haha not complaining). Midori bikinis are some of my most comfortable swimsuits that I own that always fit great for me. This isn’t my first #MIDORIBIKINI and it certainly won’t be my last! Here I’m wearing the Pitaya Keira Bikini Top and the Pitaya Emmie Bikini Bottom, which are both rated 5 stars on their site! Whoo! I love the braid detail on this swimsuit specifically. The middle strap on the bottoms is braided to match the strappy detail from the back of the top. The back is my favorite 😍

If you subscribe to their email list here you get discounts straight to your inbox for 20%, 30%, and sometimes up to 50% off bikinis!!! It’s literally Christmas over and over again. They’re having constant sales now for their subscribers during the “winter” months. Enjoy your new bikinis everyone! Check out the vid below 👇🏼 Aloha!




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