Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mom’s Shoes: Steve Madden Wedges  /  My Shoes: Parker & Sky  /  Lipstick: MAC Chatterbox

First of all, go give your mom a HUGE HUG because moms are literally the best ever. Really, I don’t know what I’d do without my mom. She’s literally my best friend in the whole world (sorry, I’m lame) but she is. I tell my mom everything (even if she doesn’t want to hear it hehe sorry mom). Every year I want to do something special for her because she’s so awesome but I just suck at gift ideas and every year I struggle with them. So I came up with as many ideas / things I have done over the years for Mother’s Day so that you guys can have some ideas to spoil your mommas too!

BREAKFAST IN BED! -this is a tradition in my family. Every year my brother and I wake up super early and sneak around the kitchen and cook my mom breakfast and bring it to her in bed. We sneak and try to be really quiet about it, even though she knows it’s coming every single year. We’ve been doing this ever since the Eggo and gummy bear years… sorry for making you eat that mom haha (our cooking has gotten better over the years fyi). 😂

HOMEMADE CARDS -I don’t know about your moms, but my mom LOVES her homemade cards. This is also a tradition in my house. We wake her up with breakfast in bed and our cards… We’ve been doing this since before the kindergarten days. One year we actually bought her a nice Mother’s Day card and she didn’t like it because she wanted it homemade haha. So homemade is the way to go if your mom is anything like mine!

COUPONS -for a few years I gave her coupons.. “GOOD FOR ONE MANI/PEDI DAY WITH ME” or “MOVIE DAY JUST ME AND YOU”. You can do coupons for anything to do with you and your mom… she’d love that.

SEPHORA -GIRLS LOVE SEPHORA. Mom’s deserve to spoil themselves too! Makeup, lotions, perfumes, oh my!

LUSH -this is also a good one for mom’s. Bath bombs, soaps, etc.

YOGA, CYCLING -if your mom likes things like that it would be fun to do something like that with her. In Gilbert, Arizona there is actually a place where you can do yoga outside with goats… YES GOATS! I really want to do that with my mom. I’ll link it here.

GROUPON -Groupon is great for gifts! You can get your mom a facial, massage, spa day, etc.

Common… I mean isn’t she the cutest?! ^^

LONGCHAMP -you can get your mom a Longchamp or a nice purse that she likes.

Cookbook -my mom LOVES to cook (lucky me) so she would really enjoy a good recipe book!

As You Wish / Pinot’s Palette -bring mom and go paint some pottery while sipping on wine! Orrr go paint some pottery beforehand and give your mom your masterpiece as her gift. But I recommend doing it together, of course.

Brunch / Dinner -take mom out to brunch and/or dinner and give her a break out of the kitchen for a day!

Jewlery – and of course, jewlery.. because what girl doesn’t like jewlery?! Something custom made will always mean more to them. This is a ring my brother and I got for my mom in 2003 that she still wears! It has our names engraved on it with our birthstones.

Your mom is going to love anything you get her. Just be thoughtful and DO something for/with her! I hope this post is helpful to you guys! And Happy Mother’s Day! 💕💕




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