Downtown Nashville, TN

LOL Niko got the baby wings ^^

Destination: Nashville, Tennessee

Hi friends sup sup! It’s been a little longer than usual since posting on my blog because I’ve been out of town.. But Niko and I went lots of cool places the last couple weeks to share with all of you (more to come)!

I actually LOVED Nashville a lottt more than I thought I would! Such a cute, fun and yummy city! By yummy I mean SUCH YUMMY FOOD. Niko’s sister, Vasi, is going to school there so we wanted to check out her new city. It was both our first time in Nashville so Vasi showed us around a bit. We didn’t have a lot of time in Nashville but we will definitely be visiting more since Vas will be there for the next four years, so I’ll have a lot more to add to my Nashville post in the months to come 😊

We stalked @nashville_eats on Instagram before we went so we could find the best food places! We didn’t have enough time to try all the places we wanted to but here’s the places that were at the top of our list!


Adele’s: such an adorable restaurant!! It was so good. We ordered the asparagus salad, pig ears (which I didn’t eat), and cauliflower salad for appetizers. For entrees we really liked the gnocchi and the chicken! But everything we tried was delicious so I’m sure everything is good there.

Las Paletas: yummy popsicle place! They have “cream” paletas which is more of an ice cream bar and “fruit” paletas which is more of an ice pop.

Honky Tonk Central: classic bar food and drinks with live music during the day.

Biscuit Love: BISCUIT HEAVEN!!! Such good southern food. Nashville is known for their spicy chicken so I ordered the Princess (pictured above).

Jeni’s Ice Cream: homemade waffle cones and delicious ice cream!! Honestly this was so good. Ask for their most popular flavor!


Union Station Hotel: this hotel was so beautiful and actually used to be an old train station which we thought was really cool.


-Vanderbilt University: check out the campus! Super pretty.

-Pictures: take lots of pictures! Nashville is so cute and you need the classic Nashy pics. I listed Instagrammable spots at the bottom of this post!

-Walk around downtown and check out the live music even during the day.

Draper James boutique shopping: so many cute boutiques in Nashville! We only had time to hit a few of them. Draper James was super cute and they give free sweet tea when you walk in. Everything is very southern and I loved it.


-The airport from downtown is only about 20 minutes and everything once you are downtown is fairly close so we just ubered everywhere.


-Coyote Ugly: Niko and I always go to Coyote Ugly every big city we travel to for some reason haha. Kind of a little tradition for us.

-Honky Tonk: traditional honky tonk bar with live music right in the main downtown strip.

-Crazytown: another fun bar with live music and a rooftop view.

Just go to downtown and there is mainly one street where every single bar is full of people and live music. We bounced around and hit almost all of them in one night! I loved the live music there.

I can’t wait to go back to Nashville again and visit! Literally all we did while we were there was eat.. but what better way to do Nashville amiright?! BRB gonna go run 10 miles. Well I hope this helps with your next visit to Nashville and let me know of your good finds so I can add them to my list as well!

Places in Nashville I wanna try next:

-Henrietta Red: trendy for brunch

-Pinewood Social

-Butchertown Hall

-Juice Bar

Check out Instagrammable walls in Nashville down below! 😊






Instagrammable Walls: be prepared to wait your turn in line haha

Nashville WhatLiftsYou Wings @ 302 11th Ave S, Nashville, TN 37203

Draper James Stripes in 12 South



*All photos are my own


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