NYE in NYC Times Square

Location: Times Square, New York City  /  New Year’s Eve Ball Drop 2017

10, 9, 8, 7…… 3, 2, 1!!!! Happy 2017 you lovely people!!! It’s going to be a great year and I’m so excited to see what’s in store for this year! I was able to spend New Years Eve in New York City with some great friends and we all got to cross ‘Seeing the Ball Drop in Times Square’ off our bucket lists together!! It was awesome. The very first question people ask is “would you do it again?” and yes I 100% would!

The NYE Times Square Experience:

I’ve watched the ball drop on TV for as long as I can remember and to actually be in Times Square for it was so surreal and something I’ve always wanted to experience… but it was crazytown let me tell you! Yes, it is true people stand out there all day long and wear diapers because they can’t move for 12+ hours 😷 and before you ask.. no I did not wear a diaper! 😂 We were staying at a hotel right in Times Square so we were able to be escorted to and from our hotel through Times Square when needed. The streets were blocked off all day with high security and police everywhere. You could not just roam free in Times Square on NYE day, unless you had a police escort. They were very strict, but I guess they have to be when over 2 million people were rushed into Times Square that day. 😱

We went to an underground Jazz bar in Times Square that night for dinner and live music. What an awesome night with awesome friends! Just before midnight, we were escorted outside to view the ball drop. What a memorable way to bring in the new year!

Some other things we did while we were in NYC  (in order as pictured):

M&M Store Times Square- get the crunchy ones. They’re the best!

Rockefeller Center- go ice skating and see the big tree!

Tea Time @ The Plaza- such a beautiful hotel and cute afternoon tea and snacks in The Palm Court.

Aladdin on Broadway- I officially love broadway shows! I think Aladdin is by far my favorite 😍 Highly recommend. PS. the genie was our favorite character haha

Little Italy- I FELT AT HOME! Little Italy NYC is so authentic I literally felt like I was back in Florence. It was so refreshing to hear Italian and have the authentic cuisine. We ate at Capri Ristorante for pizza and gnocchi and got cannoli’s afterwards… Calories don’t count on vacation right??! 😜

Westfield World Trade Center Shopping Mall- probably the most unique looking mall I’ve ever been in. Right next to Ground Zero.

Escape Room Entertainment- down in Korea town, we had 1 hour and made it out with less than 2 minutes to spare!

La Grenouille- they didn’t allow photos in the restaurant but we snuck a couple because it was so dang cute!! Little hidden away authentic French restaurant with so much history. One of the few places that still keeps strict “suit and tie” dress code from the 60s.

The Back Room Speak Easy Bar- one of the two speakeasy bars left in NYC that operated during Prohibition and is still there today. It was so cool because it’s so hidden and you have to go underground and be super quiet until you get into the bar. Super cool scene & vibe and your drinks are all served out of tea cups and coffee cups!

Bubby’s High Line Restaurant- in the meatpacking district. Super yummy brunch spot with a cool ‘LA’ vibe. (I only say LA because I might be slightly biased hehe)

As always, thanks for reading and if it’s on your bucket list like it was on mine I hope you guys experience NYE in NYC! Cheers to 2017! 🎉 What are your New Years resolutions?!







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