Ei-ffel in love with you, Paris

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Destination: Paris, France

As you can tell I basically ate my way through Paris, but when in Paris you have to right?! Wow, oh wow I loved this city more than I expected I would. The food, the culture, the city life, the views.. it was all so surreal! I flew Ryanair Airlines here as well and used the metro to get around. Be sure to download CityMapsToGo App on your phone for this city for sure. Even if you are only visiting for a short time, these are my top MUST DO’s:

Eiffel Tower– climb to the top (take the stairs if you’re feeling fit or there is an elevator but the line is usually dramatically longer). Also see the tower at night! IT SPARKLES!

The Louvre– if you’re a student, try and get the student ID discount. Definitely see the Mona Lisa, of course, and if you really like art you could spend an entire day in this museum it’s HUGE!

Arc de Triomphe & Notre Dame de Paris– both beautiful sites you should see and take a few pictures by!

Moulin Rouge– probably not a street for children.. but it was cool to see something so famous!

Montmartre– must see! Go up there with a bottle of wine and enjoy the street performers and the beautiful city view of Paris. One of my favorite spots in Paris.

As for food, everything I ate was so so yummy! I couldn’t stop!

I had the best cheeseburger in my entire life in Paris.. seriously the best even though it was like 30 euros..

All great restaurants:  Le petit sud-ouest, Champs du Mars, Le Montmartre

I also recommend the restaurant La Villa des Abbesses.. I had a 3 course meal for cheap and everything was French! I had FRENCH Onion Soup, sandwich and FRENCH fries, and FRENCH toast for dessert. (pictured above)

Larnicol has the best macaroons in Paris in my opinion! And my friend lives there and he says the same!

One word…. Baguettes… eat them and eat lots of them.

Let me know your favorite things to do in Paris! Hope this helps and as always thanks for reading xoxo




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