Petersen’s Ice Cream Shop

Eatery: Petersen’s Old Fashioned Ice Cream Shop   //   Gilbert, AZ

Literally HOW CUTE IS THIS PLACE?! I’ve been wanting to come here since it first opened because I’ve heard such good things about it and let me tell you.. it definitely lived up to its expectations! I’m a sucker for cute / trendy eateries. And I love the story behind this little ice cream shop:

The first Petersen’s Ice Cream Shop opened up in 1919 in Oak Park, Illinois. They didn’t branch out for over 90 years, until 2 years ago when they opened up this location in Gilbert, AZ. These are currently the only 2 locations that exist. It started by a man named, Hans Petersen’s, who was a Danish immigrant in the early 1900s. He started the shop the same year he arrived to America in order to make ends meet. He used his own recipe of 18% butterfat ice cream mixed with the ‘finest flavorings, fruits, and nuts’. The recipe is still the same today. 


Pre-made flavors to-go! You can also pre-order a custom Petersen’s cake!

I love places that have history and a story behind it. This story reminded me a lot of my grandfather. He was an immigrant from Greece and when he came over to America he settled in Chicago and opened his own restaurant and later.. restaurant(s).

Anyway, I thought this place was great. You guys know those cute / trendy places where you’ll pay $11 for an iced coffee?? Well this definitely isn’t one of them. It’s inexpensive in my opinion… like I’d probs rate it one dolla sign on yelp inexpensive… and I’ll for sure be going back to cool off from this 120 degree heat! I went with my little, Taylor, and we both loved it! She ordered the brownie sundae and I got the birthday cake ice cream in a waffle cone. They also have milkshakes, malts, floats, coffee, cookie/donut ice-cream sandwiches! Oh my! There most popular flavor of ice cream is their famous Mackinac Island Fudge… (which I tasted and it’s soooo good). 👌🏼

This post is a little different than my usual recipe food posts. I wanted to review a popular eatery in the area that people claim is the best.. so let me know if you guys like this idea! Thanks for reading and let me know what yummy flavors you try 😘

*They also sell wholesale to surrounding Chicago areas, Wisconsin, Northwest Indiana, Arizona, Southern Nevada, and Southern California so you can still get a taste of it even if you aren’t in Oak Park or Gilbert!


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