Pura Vida Bracelets

Jewlery: PURA VIDA BRACELETS  // 20% off all orders with code ‘NEENAMARIE20’

How cute are these bracelets!! They are handmade from Costa Rica and the best part is that Pura Vida supports and provides full-time jobs to 100+ artisans. I love wearing a lot of jewlery and these are perfect for pairing and adding. Sometimes I’ll wear just one or two by themselves or I’ll bunch together a bunch of different ones. I also like to pair mine with a watch or even mix in some other jewlery as well. Their site has so many to choose from and you can individual customize your set, so basically no one’s Pura Vida bracelet bundles look the same! Check out their Instagram for some cute pairing ideas! In these photos the bundle of bracelets I’m wearing are:

  • Gold Circle Cream
  • Gold 3 Circle Mediterranean Green
  • Rose Gold Cactus – Out of the Blue
  • Granite Coast
  • Rose Gold Flamingo – Make Me Blush
  • Seed Bead Great Escape
  • 2 Gold Moon Rings


Don’t forget to use code ‘NEENAMARIE20’ for 20% off your order! Have a great weekend everyone 💕 xo

Thank you to Pura Vida for sponsoring this post!




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