Washington, D.C.

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Destination: Washington, D.C.  //  Top: Brandy Melville (sold out but similar here)  /  Jacket: here  /  Shoes: Tommy Hilfiger

Hello hello! It’s been awhile friends! I had a super busy weekend in D.C. and afterwards I hibernated and slept for like 2 days.. but I’m back! With my layovers the whole travel day of flying to D.C. from LAX was as long as flying to Europe 😲 But totally worth it because D.C. is one of my favorite cities, especially in the fall. I’ve been to D.C. a few times now in the last couple years but I’m still not an expert.. BUT I do have a lot of friends were born/ live in the D.C. area that have taken me around and recommended these places so I want to share them with all of you. First thing you need to know about D.C. is that all the fun places are usually clumped together, which is super nice! Here’s what I recommend:


-1789 Restaurant : American restaurant in Georgetown. Lots of celebs go here. In the basement of 1789 is another restaurant called The Tombs.. casual restaurant but Georgetown staple. Apparently this is tradition where every Georgetown student celebrates their 21st birthday.

-Kapnos : Modern Greek Restaurant

-Sequoia Restaurant : Waterfront restaurant in Georgetown  with beautiful views

-Farmers Fishers Bakers : on the Waterfront popular for brunch

-Martin’s Tavern : every president since Truman has been here!

-H Street : Ethnic Ethiopian, Arabic, etc.

-Thomas Sweet Ice Cream : Obama goes here!

Site Seeing:

-National Mall : no this is not shopping lol this is where the Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, MLK, FDR, WWII & Vietnam vets are. It’s a strip of grassy historic monuments. Don’t forget your camera!

-Check out : Jefferson Memorial, Capitol Hill, White House, &Roosevelt Island (in Rosslyn, VA for hiking).

-Museums to See :  Air and Space, Gallery of Art, American History. FREE ADMISSION TO ALL SMITHSONIAN MUSEUMS WHOO!

-Georgetown : *John Kerry’s house pictured above* This trip was my first time here and I FELL IN LOVE. Most of the pictures above are from Georgetown. Check out the Georgetown Waterfront, historic Chesapeake and Ohio Canal. Also lots of shopping of every store you can imagine. The neighborhood and the campus are stunning I literally felt like I was in a movie. Ps. Is it too late to transfer??


-DuPont Circle : bars / clubs. ‘Mad Hatter’ super popular.

-14th Street and U Street : bars / jazz bars

-Adams Morgan : dive bars / college bars

Transportation in D.C. is very easy as well. If you fly into DCA you can walk to the metro station and hop on any line and get to where you need to go. It’s labeled very well and I figured it out where I needed to go in 2 seconds. Super irrelevant but the metros are carpeted and I thought it was the weirdest thing lol

I definitely recommend D.C. in the fall out of all because the colors were just amazing!! Maybe I was just amazed by them so much more because you don’t see that in Arizona or LA. I couldn’t stop taking pictures of them 😍 I hope you guys get the chance to check out D.C. and I hope you use this guide as a reference! To follow along on my adventures in real time follow me on Snapchat (@neena.marie) & let me know of any other good finds you guys come across in D.C. as well, so I can add them to my list! xo


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