Watermelon + Feta

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Polka Dot Bowl: Target  /  Swimsuit: Everything but Water  /  Hat: Boutique  /  Lip Color: M.A.C ‘Aim for Gorgeous’ & L’Oréal ‘I Pink You’re Cute’ #175

Ok.. I totally know how weird this sounds but you never know until you try it right?! The first time I saw feta cheese on watermelon I was in Greece and I saw some of the locals eating it and my friend told me it was feta cheese and I totally thought he was kidding! I mean cheese on fruit?! That couldn’t possibly be good! (coming from the girl who can eat feta by the spoonful). My Greek girlfriends and I actually have a joke where we say “WTF” AKA ‘Where’s The Feta’ because we never think we have enough… that’s how much we like it and I still thought this sounded funky.

Well, that day in Greece I tried it and I surprisingly really liked it! It’s kind of like the ‘sweet and sour’ concept. Be sure you buy GOOD feta though I cannot say that enough. The best place I have found good feta at is Costco (unless you’re in Chicago or something and you can find a Greek market). You can buy the block or the crumbled, both are good!

The reason I listed 2 lip colors is because I layered them and put ‘Aim for Gorgeous’ as my base coat and then ‘I Pink You’re Cute’ over the top to lighten it up to get to that color.

So moral of the story is don’t knock it till you try it 👊🏼 It’s an aquired taste but incredibly refreshing especially out here in the heat of Arizona summer. As always, thanks for reading! xo


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